Bird&Carrot productions are delighted to announce the installation of Kostya Benkovich’s monumental sculpture The Right Hand of God in Holland Park’s Napoleon Garden that will be on display between 18 June – 31 July 2022. It was chosen by the esteemed select committee via an annual open call and is exhibited as part of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week (KCAW) and the fifth annual Public Art Trail. The installation is also the first major outcome of the recently established Bird&Carrot artist residency.

@Kensington and Chelsea Art Week

Kostya Benkovich is an Israeli-based activist artist of Russian origin. His practice is built around the principle that art can transform society from within by bringing major shifts in people’s consciousness. “No institution holds as much power as a single artist,” believes Benkovich. This year, he participates in KCAW  alongside such leading artists as Sokari Douglas Camp CBE, Gavin Turk, Kipling Hunt, Charlotte Colbert and many others. It is our joy and gratitude that the highly esteemed committee noticed and appreciated Benkovich’ s talent and his anti-war spirit. The Right Hand of God conflates the traditional Medieval iconography pertaining to this gesture as the symbol of mercy, omnipotence and refuge for the righteous with artist’s own interpretation of this gesture as the warning sign of the impending judgement and retribution for evil deeds.

Konstantin Benkovich The Right Hand of God 2022 @KCAW

Kostya is inspired by Kensington and Chelsea’s rich artistic heritage and its “cutting-edge” reputation. He also believes his own goals are aligned with Kensington and Chelsea Art Week’s mission to rethink the purpose and function of public spaces.

Excited about the upcoming project, we would like to invite and encourage you to follow the Public Art Trail and to explore the Napoleon Garden where you can contemplate on the Right Hand of God by Konstantin Benkovich.

Please, contact if you need any further information on the artist, his work or KCAW/Public Art Trail.