“The Ball and the Cross” is the title of a novel by the brilliant writer, philosopher and humanist Gilbert Chesterton, whose humour and irony have inspired an art projects named after it. “The Ball and the Cross” community was created on Facebook in April 2020, at the very beginning of the COVID quarantine, to help artists, art dealers and collectors.

Throughout the pandemic, “The Ball and The Cross” was the only source of income for many and literally saved hundreds of artists, and for other members of the group it became an important psychological outlet. During its work a real community of like-minded people has developed, dozens of new collections of contemporary art have emerged, many, unexpectedly for themselves, have become artists, and someone even discovered a gallery owner in himself.

During the two years of the group’s work, several exhibitions, including museum ones, organised by collectors and artists, several catalogues were published, people found new hobbies and new friends. It seemed that everything necessary was done and after the quarantines you can return to your usual life, but… Now, in the face of the catastrophe that has unfolded, I see the need to revive “The Ball and Cross” group in the hope of helping us all overcome the dark times. Together we will try to support artists, many of whom are on the brink of disaster, many scattered around the world, many close to a depression. I really hope for your participation, I hope that our efforts will not be in vain!

To support the work of the group, I ask those of you who can afford it and who care about our community to subscribe to one of the plans created on the BOOSTY or PATREON. Your help will allow us to manage and moderate the group, provide information support for artists and hope for new exhibitions, residences, catalogues. Many thanks in advance to everyone who supports our work!