STOITAM’s multidisciplinary photography explores youth, migration, and displacement in post-Soviet Russia. Now based in London, their art charts an attempt to depict life under a new umbrella of political and cultural repressions. Responding to the ever harsher realities of their home country’s regime, STOITAM searches amidst the ruins of the present to find a way to reinvent and reinterpret the landscapes of contemporary Russia, affording their subjects a voice filtered through the prism of their own shared existence.

Karier Performance/Moscow Oblast/Spring 2021

Photography for STOITAM is a journey to discover a unique, artistic method of representation. They combine the stillness of photography with the perpetual motion of performative practice, drawing inspiration from a broad history of performance and video artists.

While their inspiration comes from famous names like Rodney Graham, Pipilotti Rist and Bill Viola, they draw mostly on those around them – friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and others who are suffering from the same limitations and collective traumas. Certainly, these are deeply personal narratives, but they resonate with those of their generation, far beyond the physical borders of Russia.

Red/Moscow/Summer 2020

STOITAM was inspired by the ability to convey emotion in a simple and clear format afforded by the camera. Their fascination with performative practices has equipped them with a unique ability to bring fluidity of form to their photography. Film photography here creates a visual bridge between the Soviet past and modern-day Eastern Europe. This illusion of the past is very important to STOITAM’s art, as it is rooted in the belief that our present is always interlaced with shadows of history. Their subjects are drawn from contemporary youth, as they search for a way to capture and depict their generation’s story.

Recently, STOITAM has collaborated with fellow artist Ana Zoob on the Waveforms exhibition at Candid Arts Gallery, hosted by MOROZ Collective. STOITAM was a crucial artist in the birth of the Collective and contributed greatly to the exhibition’s visual landscape. Currently, they are an artist-in-residence at MOROZ Collective as well as working on other individual and collaborative projects. STOITAM is one part of the STOISNIMU artistic duo, working on the creation of a visual documentary of young Eastern European emigrés. Last month STOITAM, received a Doordom Gallery Photography Prize Vol II under the theme of “Home”. Doordom Gallery is curating a solo virtual exhibition of STOITAM’s work later this month.

Jungle/Moscow/Summer 2021

In the future, STOITAM plans to host a StillForms Volume I exhibition, together with the other members of MOROZ Collective. The event will include photography, installation, and music, all centred around the common theme of the rebirth of the underground Eastern European musical and cultural scene in London.

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