Many of us are shaken by the news of the past few weeks, here at Russian Art & Culture we too have felt it keenly as you would have read in our statement. Of course, this cannot compare to those directly affected by recent events. In light of the distressing situation, many of us have faced aggression, shame, despair all at the same time. But as the first wave of emotions passes, we must emerge with new ways to connect, to support each other, to continue building the bridges we have worked hard for.

We have decided that among the best ways to do this would be for us to accumulate the events we found where you can find like-minded people, hear experts talk about what matters most, and make art to allow your emotions to pass through without getting bottled up. These are the ways in which we can make a difference, each in the way we know how.

Wednesday, 9 March: War. Consequences

 The world of economy and finance changed radically after the escalation of the situation in Ukraine after the 24th of February 2022. What has become of it? What do we expect? Let’s discuss it on the 9th of March during a professional talk show by ZIMA Club featuring Andrey Movchan, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Natalia Tsukanova. Note, this is a chance to meet in person, so buy your tickets while they last.

War. Consequences @Zima Magazine

Artwork: posters for peace – until 9 March 

Another one of our partners, Pushkin House, are holding a poster making event in their space near Trafalgar Square until Wednesday the 9th, 3:30-5pm. Bring your own materials and get a few of the basics there. Have your say, make some art, release any pent up energy and connect with likeminded people. See you there?

Freefilmers – until 12 March

If you want to stay after hours, or make into Pushkin House after work, you might prefer a screening that explores an innovative movement in Ukrainian cinema. Several films by members of the Freefilmers collective will be shown, and all proceeds from ticket sales will be transferred to them directly.

Stanley Downwood

Freefilmers is an art group from Mariupol that makes documentaries and experimental films addressing social reality and human lives in the struggle for equality and freedom. Their activist films, created with the help of horizontal connections, raise issues of work, gentrification, and independent artistic practice

If you can’t make it tomorrow, join the online event where you will be able to watch the films from 6pm on Friday 11 March until 6pm Saturday 12 March. Tickets are available here.

Thursday, 10 March: Ukraine and British Immigration Law

This free seminar will cover how the situation in Ukraine has affected British immigration law. It will be free and held online, so anyone can attend from the comfort of their home. Lawyer Yelena Tsyrlina, the head of the immigration department at Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP will talk through new and existing ways to move the UK for Ukrainian and Russian people. She will also unpack the latest and upcoming changes to regulation in this field. Book your free place to take part!

Wednesday, 16 March: Cook with your heart, listen with your soul

Among the more popular initiatives has been #CookForUkraine, a campaign that aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis the world faces right now, as well as raise the funds for those who have been displaced by the current situation. Started from a conversation between friends with a shared love for food and desire to help, the campaign has touched many hearts. Join the conversation between Olia Hercules, Alissa Timoshkina and Caroline Eden at Pushkin House.

Alissa Timoshkina, Olia Hercules @Pushkin House

Thursday, 17 March: Pysanka – Symbol of Renewal

The Museum of Russian Icons will reinstall Lesia Sochor’s show featuring new works responding to the current situation in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is headlining the news with the unthinkable happening. This exhibit is poignant and manifests solidarity with an independent nation; one with its own beautiful culture, language, and traditions. I am honored to share this ancient art form that connects me to my roots, the homeland of my ancestors.” – Ukrainian-American artist Lesia Sochor

Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester; Marion Stratton Gould Fund

Friday, 18 March: Music for Peace

Pushkin House also bring you a classical music concert, where creatives have come together to raise funds for humanitarian aid in light of the situation in Ukraine. The programme is to include music by Mozart, Chopin, Zimbalist, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov. Spend your Friday evening reconnecting with beautiful sound, and supporting a charitable cause.

@Pushkin House

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for updated events list, artists in crisis opportunities and much more.