Half Six Fix is a 60-minute burst of music to kick-start your evening. Grab a drink and take your seat, as LSO Principal Guest Conductor Gianandrea Noseda introduces Prokofiev’s explosive Third Symphony.

Principal Guest Conductor Gianandrea Noseda @LSO

Bells crash, rhythms pound, and melodies surge and swell, burning with a fire that smoulders, scorches, and throws a million dazzling colours into the sky. Prokofiev adapted his Third Symphony from an opera of lust, longing, and demonic possession, and you can tell. The whole orchestra seems to blaze from within: 20th-century music at its most ferocious, and flamboyant.

Naturally, Gianandrea Noseda loves it: Russian music is a special passion of his, and he knows that this symphony, forged in an era of revolution, is white-hot. This is not your average concert.

‘The London Symphony Orchestra’s regular Half Six Fix is a quick shot rather than the full classical cocktail: one hour; one symphony; no messing around.’ – inews