Natalia Titova is an emerging artist specialising in concept art and digital collages. Blending various techniques, she crafts visually captivating compositions seamlessly merging elements from different sources. With a keen eye for modern aesthetics, she gravitates towards minimalism, infusing her work with sleek simplicity and contemporary flair.

Natalia re-evaluates the medium of collage as something contemporary and impactful. Her focus is on framing literary texts as striking visuals. For literature enthusiasts like herself, she integrates intriguing elements from the lives and works of writers and iconic characters and motifs from their books. Each collage becomes a visual puzzle, inviting viewers to decode references and delve deeper into the literary treasures they represent. Through this playful yet profound approach, Natalia not only draws viewers into visual dialogue with their favourite works but also encourages them to revisit these texts with a fresh perspective, enhancing their appreciation and engagement with classic and contemporary literature.

Natalia chose digital collage as her main medium (although collage is inherently multi-media) because it offers a unique way to engage with source material, scanning in archival elements, scouring magazines and having an aspect of visual tangibility as well as being transmittable. She juxtaposes historical and contemporary images, textures, and colours in a way that can evoke the essence of a literary work. Thus, Natalia is working with cultural memory and nostalgia to immerse audiences in worlds they may already be familiar with through a new lens.

In her work, Natalia explores two distinct levels of inquiry: the first is literature, its value, and the unique perspectives of different authors. The second level delves deeper into the meanings of classic works, uncovering hidden metaphors and timeless questions we ask. This makes her art a profound exploration not only of literary craft but also of eternal contemplations within the human existence.

Natalia is currently working on a new project—a series of collages dedicated to female writers. This collection aims to celebrate the profound contributions of women to the literary canon, highlighting their unique voices and the diverse narratives they have brought to life, which is especially timely following the ‘Museums without Men’ initiative. Natalia has a new exhibition at Barbagelata Foundation opening on June 15th, so you can catch her work on show soon!

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  • Date: 15 June 2024 - 30 June 2024
  • Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation