On September 9, 2022, a music documentary “15/4. BG+ live in Troubadour Club” about Boris Grebenshchikov and the band Aquarium will be premiered at Curzon Mayfair cinema.

Exactly 50 years ago, in 1972, Boris Grebenshchikov (BG) created the band Aquarium. In the USSR, the musicians led an underground lifestyle, playing at flats and small club stages, but it did not prevent them from becoming one of the most famous Soviet and then Russian bands. 

“15/4. BG+ at the Troubadour” poster

On the 2nd of March this year, BG gave an anniversary concert at the legendary Troubadour club in London. This came just six days after the military invasion of Ukraine, which the musician publicly condemned, leading to the cancellation of his tour of Russia. 

“The war between Russia and Ukraine is madness and the people who started it are a disgrace to Russia,” Boris Grebenshchikov said a few days before the concert. He had long dreamed of performing at the Troubadour but had no idea that both the film and the concert, planned months before the invasion, would become one of his most high-profile anti-war statements. 

The recording of this concert, as well as a candid conversation between BG and members of the Aquarium about music and war with Mikhail Kozyrev, the journalist of TV Rain (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia), were included into the film. The documentary was directed by Ilya Permyakov (“Edification”, “Dau”). 

Language: the film is in Russian with English subtitles.