Mikhail Sedov is a visual artist who is able to craft mesmerizing visual experiences. His works balance out between abstract and real world where things move, interact, and depict a sensitive atmosphere. He has founded and run subframe studio – a design-driven production company focused on abstract motion pictures to produce the greatest emotional response from the audience. We spoke with Mikhail about his art.

Mikhail Sedov. Breath, 2021. Still from the video @Mikhail Sedov

Elena Shampanova: Mikhail, please tell us a few words about yourself – how and when did you start making art?

Mikhail Sedov: I have always had a passion for abstract arts, delving into my love for design. I’m truly interested in every single aspect of motion design, and I simply can’t imagine not having a chance to work on something new.

I’ve been working in the design and art industry for about 15 years now and have completed plenty of commercial and art projects. I am also the founder of ‘Subframe Studio’ which is a design-driven collective focused on conceptual motion pictures to produce the greatest emotional response from the audience.

Mikhail Sedov. Waves, 2022. Graphics. @Mikhail Sedov

I started making design back in 2009 when I was primarily focused on commercial projects for prints and posters. I have always enjoyed experimenting with colours and forms, so one day I decided to bring life into my art works and to try myself in the “motion field”. At first, it was just a short animation work for a local television channel, that’s the time when I was merely polishing my skills.

Elena Shampanova: Thank you! Could you tell us a few words about your art?

Mikhail Sedov:  My art is driven by the respect for nature, abstracting and exploring the concepts of light, colours, frequency and gravity in physics. I always pay attention to details and try to produce “The Mood”. My primary goal is to elicit emotion using visual language with deep sound to breathe life into my works. My craftsmanship is built around this theme, and I find my visual language very soothing to hear.

Elena Shampanova: How do you create your artworks?

Mikhail Sedov: If we look around, we can clearly see that we are surrounded by the magic of nature. It always inspires me. I like natural textures, sound of wind and waves, interactions between hard and soft materials. All of them create a certain atmosphere. I’m happy to be involved in this process working on something similar in 3d. I choose to provide inspiration rather than to deliver specific messages or information.

Speaking of technical part of my workflow there is nothing special, to be honest! I’m not that good at sketching, so I usually start with 3D. I really enjoy working with Cinema 4D because I find it so versatile. You can create beautiful motion graphics, simulations or static images. I’ve found that there’s almost no limit to what you can do using this software.

Mikhail Sedov. Adaptive Structure, 2022. Graphics. @Mikhail Sedov

Elena Shampanova: This is truly fascinating! How do audiences react to your works?

Mikhail Sedov:  In any creative process, you need to consider both sides of your art equation. In order to succeed, you will need to assess strengths and weaknesses of your creative journey. Getting positive feedback from viewers is my pleasure. I love creating things that make people happy. I find joy in making others feel inspired or comforted by my artwork. Moreover, enjoying my work in real time and getting instant feedback is priceless. Whether it’s positive or negative. It either inspires me or encourages to make things even more proficient and immersive.

Elena Shampanova: What do you feel when you are working on your art?

Mikhail Sedov:  Artist’s journey is extensive. The process may continue until the artist says “stop”. The greatest elation I get during the creative process is probably when I am thinking over the task and my thoughts start moving into the right direction.

I consider sounds and images must work hand in glove. Creating a visual image is only half the battle while the sound is also crucial. That’s the reason why I pay so much heed to sound in my arts and occasionally collaborate with talented sound producers.

Elena Shampanova: Thank you, Mikhail, its a journey and process indeed. Please tell us, what are your plans for the future?

Coming up with new ideas is an essential part of my daily routine. Currently, I want to focus more on my art. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to experiment with, and this is very exciting for me! My goal is to produce innovative content that pushes the boundaries and captures the audience.

I look forward to collaborating with leading art spaces and exhibitions around the world in the years ahead.

Elena Shampanova: Thank you!