Maxim Vengerov,the Pavarotti of the violin,charmed and seduced a packed Albert Hall with superb performances in this Brahms Gala concert.His violin concerto and the double concerto where he was joined by the beautiful young cellist Lied Haga.
With the genial Marios Papadopoulos and his creation ,the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra who followed every nuance of these two artists as they played every glorious note by heart.
From the heart to the heart as the orchestra filled the vast hall with glorious sounds inspired by such wonderful playing.
Vengerov,microphone in hand,thanked his superb companions in this musical voyage together dedicated to Brahms.
But there was more to come with a surprise encore.
With great charm Vengerov announced that he would play together with nine of his students from the masterclasses he holds regularly at the Royal College.
Joining in the fun were Mira Marton,David Horvat,Elif Canserver,Molin Han,Deniz Sensoy,Esther Park,Lucilla Mariotti,Annissa Gybel,Ilai Avni.
A work by Pablo de Sarasate for two violins that this evening would be with ten!
And it was party time that ignited the enthusiasm of all those present whether on stage or in the hall.