On the 23rd of April, a Swiss-based Serene Gallery launches its pop-up exhibition ‘I Promise to Stay With You’ in London. A debut British project of SERENE in the UK is a cross-disciplinary attempt to reflect on the inner sensations and deep self-reflection of the participating artists through their work.

The curator of ‘I Promise To Stay With You’ Alexander Blanar

The four-day pop-up in Cromwell Place (undoubtedly a favourite space for dozens of curators due to its ‘clean’ aesthetic) focuses on processing true inner feelings hiding behind external turmoil. Six artists tap into a range of mediums and techniques to create a mosaic of human emotion.

The curator of the jigsaw puzzle that allows visitors to journey through the artists’ experiences is Alexander Blanar. Already in charge of several solo and group exhibitions in Europe, he is on a mission to support promising artists from diverse backgrounds. Daria Kizenkova is the second curator involved in the show. Having worked closely with some of the show participants (Mariano Vivanco, Yelena Popova) before, she added photography, installations, and works in a range of other mediums to the exhibition, making the concept more holistic.

“For our first pop-up in London, we decided to work with artists based here or nearby. I’ve been friends with all the artists for more than 10 years, so I know almost everything about their works. It was so easy to choose,” says Alexander Blanar. The curator also adds that “at first glance, our show looks like it’s only about beauty,” but in fact, the beauty “hides a lot of strange, sometimes frightening things.”

Heightened emotions, inner beauty, and a dialogue between the self and the environment are unwrapped by the abstract artworks of Konrad Wyrebek. Geometrical forms in the exhibited objects pay tribute to the impact of global digitalisation. Wyrebek juxtaposes the natural and the artificial, a contrast forced on us by the technological boom that demolishes nature and the integrity of man. If you are a loyal fan of abstract art, nearby you will find the work of Nottingham-based Yelena Popova. She reflects on time, permanence, and a range of historical allusions through the prism of materiality and tactile sensation.

Human sensitivity is the main research subject for Augusta Alexander and Martin Kovalenko. Their artistic language unites the conscious and unconscious, immersing the viewers in a universe where reality and illusion become one. Saturated colours and bold forms reveal the concept of sexuality and thus illuminate the spiritual world through corporeality on canvas.

Polina Osipova’s work, acclaimed in the UK and previously part of several outstanding exhibitions in London, is also not to be missed. She works with a range of traditional media and focuses on craftsmanship to create works that blend history and contemporaneity, often triggering a sense of nostalgia.

In this way, the seemingly chaotic mixture of disciplines and artists gradually transforms into a well-defined, balanced structure that allows the artists and the viewer to uncover their own narrative about self-expression and inner beauty.

‘I Promise To Stay With You’ is in Cromwell Place, London, from 24 to 28 April.