We’re bringing you another emerging artist, Hanna Liubinskaya, searching for her unique visual language through a range of media. Hanna is a multimedia artist, with a particular focus on painting.

She describes the feeling of holding a brush for the first time: “the race was over and for the first time in my life I felt that it is possible to catch that special meditative state.” This journey that lasts a lifetime for most creatives brought Hanna to finding hidden meanings and seeing the unusual and precious in everyday things.

Her series, Vandal News, is a provocative collection exhibited in London that resonated with international audiences, focusing on the impact of the news cycle on our collective well-being. It was sold out in the first few days of the show. Playing with sarcastic captions on news articles in a bright pink: “Who cares?”, “That’s life” and “We’ll wait and see”, Hanna subverts and softens the seriousness and catastrophising typical for the media. As we know, nothing good will ever be written in the headlines, so who cares, this is life! For those of us who spent the last several years immersed in the news cycle, these works are an ironic reprieve from the constant flow of information we are bombarded by.

Currently launching her new series, Lost in Textures, Hanna explores the simplicity and versatility of a restricted palette. Using only a couple of colours, the artist focuses on the tactility and physicality of the work, drawing out the energy that the elements bring with them, and harnessing that in an almost sculptural way. These more tranquil works created through a meditative process of layering textures and gilding over them, is her attempt to find calm, to reconnect with nature in the face of global chaos. More and more we are seeing artists leaning on craft, tradition and nature not just to escape, but to reframe the world for themselves and others, to celebrate what matters eternally, rather than sinking into the madness of the temporary.

Hanna speaks on perfectionism in a way I can relate to both as an artist and educator: “I stand for developing ideas, even if the work is sometimes imperfect, in progress. It is alive, ever-changing, conceptually evolving. I want to offer audiences a reflective space.”

Through experimenting with colour and shape, and pushing the boundaries of what paint and the two-dimensional plane can offer, Hanna is searching for her style, for that space of consistency, yet ‘un-stuckness’ if you will, overcoming creative blocks through experimenting with media.

Hanna’s work is currently on show in several London galleries, having migrated over from European shows. She is currently seeking collaborators to work in tandem, and to reach charities as well as non-profit organisations, bringing her experimental approach to community groups as a way of helping them cope with the ever-changing world.