NK Gallery, Antwerp presents How to Learn the Upside Down World? – an exhibition by Gosha Ostretsov

Gosha Ostretsov, Mixed media on canvas, 2019

The main topic of this exhibition by Russian artist Gosha Ostretsov is the idea that we are constantly deceived. Every day we recognize a great deception. We are trying to turn the lie “inside out” and to determine the truth. This endless exercise is due to our eye, which provides to the brain a picture of the world in an upside down mode. The cornea and the lens of the eye project onto the retina and then into the brain an image of the “overturned” world. The human visual perception is like peering into a magic crystal ball, when a man tries to know the truth of being through an inverted picture. Even the scientific knowledge of Space is based on the same operating principle. The inverted images of the Universe are provided through the lenses of several telescopes. Thereby all visual knowledge of the world is an endless encounter with an illusion, with an inverted projection, with a curious reflection in a concave mirror. How to understand this upside down World? The only answer that Gosha Ostretsov offers in this exhibition is to be ready to accept the entire irrationality of the World.