London, England, 2021. The protagonist (and also the author) Alisa Zotimova is 41, owns her own real estate business, has a young son Leo, and a loving husband Artem. Alisa is happy. But what is happiness? To adapt and succeed in a foreign country and culture; to win in a heavily men-dominated industry; to be financially independent, but not to scare away a worthy suitor and friends… Is there anything else left to strive for? And why is she not in her homeland Russia? In the course of the book, the author discovers and crystallises the answers along with her readers.

Now Alisa Zotimova’s agency AZ Real Estate is closing deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds, her name is well known to many who are interested in residential and commercial real estate in London, and this book will tell you about Alisa’s personal milestones, her career and life.

About life in emigration, women in business, gratitude to parents and the value of learning foreign languages, as well as love, travel and true stories of interesting people – this is an “autobio-travel-log” book from a new type of heroine. It is worth reading for everyone who dreams of other countries and strives for development, success and interesting life!

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