Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm

Format: Hardback (BB)

ISBN: 9781911604204

Published: 01 Jun 2018

Publisher: Unicorn

Dimensions: 272 pages – 270 x 230 mm

Carl Fabergé (1846-1920), jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court, enjoys iconic stature in the history of the goldsmiths’ art. His life’s work is still celebrated today, a century after the forced closure of his company in St Petersburg, capital of the then crumbling Russian Empire. Wherever Fabergé’s works are shown, whether at exhibitions or in salerooms, they delight and inspire. However no man is an island. Without a host of creative talents behind the scenes – designers, master goldsmiths and silversmiths – Carl Fabergé’s business could not have flourished. Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans lifts these craftsmen into the limelight; craftsmen who not only deserve our closer attention, but the captivating stories of their lives and careers add appreciably to what is known of the working processes at Fabergé. Featured here are names – familiar from the maker’s marks on countless Fabergé treasures – of men such as Erik Kollin, August Holmström, Henrik Wigström, Viktor Aarne, Gabriel Nykänen, and many others. The book also explores jewellery manufacturing methods, touches on the company’s wellknown and influential customers, as well as, of course, showcasing Fabergé’s very recognisable style and creativity. It contains much new information, including reminiscences, letters, and personal photographs alongside detailed images of Fabergé works.

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