Exhibition project “Collector’s Dreams. WishList” by Maxim Bokser opens on 19 March at In artibus Art Space in Moscow. It brings together visual art, graphics, applied art of different countries and centuries from his private collection. Taking deep interest in a range of art genres himself, Maxim invites the viewers to follow him through a mysterious maze finding way through a range of older and contemporary art collections.

Irina Zatuovskaya, Family Portrait, 2007. Wood, oil.

“The main and only complete section of my collection and exhibition is the collection of works on paper by artists of the early XX century, among which are works by Somov and Benua, Lancere and Serebryakova, Larionov and Goncharova, Sapunova, Sudeikin, Bakst, Dobuzhinsky, Krymov, Voloshin, and many other artists of the ‘Silver Age’. All other sections are incomplete, with some artworks missing because the collector did not find the needed work or cannot afford it. These missing objects – lacunae – make up the collector’s w_i_s_h_ _l_i_s_t. Collectors’s dreams come true at our exhibition, w_i_s_h_ _l_i_s_t items get ticked off by works coming from museum and private collections”, says Maxim Boxer. In the graphics section, we find ceramics by Mikhail Vrubel from the collection of Peter Aven; in the contemporary section we see programme works by Dmitry Gutov given to us by the artist and Triumph gallery, as well as paintings by Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, and Alina Glazun. These works will be the focus of our discussion at the roundtable with artists.

Natalia Goncharova, Female Dress with Boa, drawing, 1920s

Maxim Bokser’s collection of paintings by French fauvists that includes works by Maurice Vlaminka, Maurice Deni, Andre Derain, Maximillian Luce, Andre Segonzac and others will be temporarily joined by the work of Albert Marquet belonging to Irina Bazhenova, the founder of In Artibus foundation. This will be one of little vernissages we will invite you to. Irina Bazhenova says, “I am delighted to welcome Maxim’s exhibition at In Artibus. I am sure that visitors will find this diverse collection as fascinating as I do”.

Andre Derain, “The Tower”, 1950s, oil, canvas, 273х502

Additionally, you will be able to see Russian engraved glass of XVIII century, Russian silver cutlery, Russian furniture of classicism age. Mirra gallery will bring to the exhibition the furniture of famous European designers of the second half of 20th century that will create visual highlights in each of the gallery’s spaces.

Alena Kirtsova. Corner of a Room.

The design of the exhibition was done by Mikhail Labazov and Andrey Savin, founders of “A-B Studio”. Using simple, but expressive solutions they will break the gallery space into zones, turning it into a Moscow apartment with a dining room, office, and kitchen. “Dreams of the Collector. WishList” by Maxim Bokser is not just a way to show exceptional, rarely exhibited Russian and Westen European paintings, drawings, applied art from private collections. It’s an invitation for collectors, experienced and those who just started, artists, art lovers, and those who are only dreaming about collecting, willing to network and find out more about art collecting and art dealing, and want to start their own w_i_s_h_ _l_i_s_t”,_says Maxim Bokser.

Series of artist led exhibition tours, talks and round tables with Moscow collectors, and lectures are planned around the exhibition. Our guests will be Yuri Avakumov, Peter Aven, Inna Bazhenova, James Butterwick, Piere Broche, Dmitry Gutov, Valery Dudakov, and many others.

In artibus Art Space opening hours are: Tuesday – Friday from 11am to 8pm, Saturday and Sundays from 11am to 7pm, closed on Mondays.

  • Date: 18 March 2020 - 12 August 2020
  • In artibus Art Space 17, Prechistenskaya nab., Moscow
  • Tickets: 150 - 250 Rub