SAAS Gallery presents a new solo-exhibition of Olga Soldatova. Her works are full of energy and happiness, exactly what is so much needed to bring the festive holidays spirit.

Soldatova’s project is an investigation of the Soviet monumental style. Against the backdrop of the Ruined Wing’s exposed brick walls and wooden beams, Soldatova’s bead embroidery panels and mosaics of semi-precious stones resemble the surviving fragments of an ancient civilization. Borrowing motifs from the mosaics and bas-reliefs of the Moscow Metro, the artist ironically and tenderly recounts the classic subjects of Soviet monumental propaganda to the contemporary viewer.

Another theme of this exhibition is fashion. Soldatova’s take on fashion is likewise to a great extent ironic. The empire’s severe style is mixed with a light-minded art deco. Soldatova’s retelling makes all of history resound with a surprising wit and levity.