Lefteris Makedonas

Lefteris Makedonas

Born in 1973, in Toronto, Canada, and currently residing in Salonica, Greece. Holder of a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), a PhD in Economics, as well as of a Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies.

The author of a book about the Argentinian writer’s Julio Cortázar’s novel Hopscotch: Makedonas, El. (2019), Lenguaje, Tiempo y “Yo” en ‘Rayuela’ de Cortázar: Para una aproximación filosófica a la novela. Editorial Académica Española.

Published extensively in the sectors of Film Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Economics, both at international academic journals and at various Greek magazines. Especially in the field of Film Studies, papers of mine which have been appeared in academic journals are the following:

– Makedonas, El. (2019), “Mocking the ‘Civilized’ Viewer-Chimpanzee – Ruben Östlund’s The Square”, Kosmorama #275 (Academic Film Studies journal published by the ‘Det Danske Filminstitut’ – ‘The Danish Film Institute’).

– Makedonas, El., (2016) “Leviathan: the reified universe of Carlos Vermut’s Magical girl (2014)”, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies (JILAR) 22.3 (2016): 264-279 – (published by the Association of Iberian & Latin American Studies of Australasia, Sydney Australia).

– Makedonas, El., (2016) “Exterminating the Demon: Getting out of humanity’s trap in Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel (1962)”, alter/nativas, No. 6 (Spring) – (published by the Ohio State University, USA).