Since the start of the war, writers in Russia, Ukraine and the Russian diaspora have been expressing their opposition to the invasion in an extraordinary outpouring of public and private poetry. The book Disbelief presents some of the most moving and hard-hitting of these poems in Russian and English. 100 poems by 70 authors, including Polina Barskova, Tatiana Voltskaya and Mikhail Aizenberg, can be ordered HERE and HERE.

The Cambridge Russian-speaking Society invited editor with all five translators and some of the poets, who will gather online to talk about the project called Kopilka or Coin Bank, read a few of the original poems and their translation, and answer questions from the audience.

Read the interview with the editor of Disbelief, Julia Nemirovskaya about the anti-war anthology – how it came about and evolved, the risks of speaking out, the dangers some writers still living in Russia might face.