Anastasia Sultanova is a London-based multidisciplinary artist playing with light and shadow through a kaleidoscope of colours and picturing the intricacies of human emotion.

Her journey into art began with a deep exploration of the complexities of humanity, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of human experience. Inspired by the Georgia O’Keeffe, Miho Kajioka and Keiichi Tahara she uses bold colours and minimalist figures to convey profound emotions. She works mainly with painting and photography to express how she sees the world. As an artist, she crafts narratives that are deeply personal, yet resonate with a wide audience.

She crafts stories that foster deeper empathy and connection. It was this fascination with the human condition that ignited her passion for creating art. In today’s dynamic world, Anastasia believes that the most vital narratives are those that explore the resilience, vulnerability, and capacity for growth inherent in humanity.

She is currently working on projects that traverse urban landscapes to explore the stories of marginalised communities. Each project celebrates the beauty of nature and mankind. Recently, Anastasia collaborated with artist Synecdoche Montok, shaping the experimental music video “Forest of Hands” and making captivating posters for its set. Currently, Anastasia is working on a new project with a fellow artist Lina A, they are exploring parafictional narratives. Together, they create an interplay between reality and fiction, crafting visual stories that blur the lines between them. This collaboration highlights their shared passion for pushing the boundaries of storytelling through photography.

If you want to see Anastasia’s latest work, it is currently on show at Artisan Gallery and Doordom Gallery. Find future projects on her website here: